Saturday, October 11, 2008

My New Job!!!

Some of you may already know this, but I thought I might go ahead and share it for those of you who do not know. I have been substituting for the Springdale Schools for their School Nurses. I have loved doing this. Since I no longer have kiddos at home any more, this has been perfect for getting me out of the house. I eventually wanted to become a full time school nurse, but I did not realize that the Lord wanted me to become full time so soon. I will become Walker Elementary's full time School Nurse beginning Monday. This is not only good, because we will get some extra spending money (of course, with the economy like it is, we consider this a blessing), but also because this is the school Caroline & Catherine attend. Needless to say, they are soooo excited. I have given them "the talk" though...not to come in my office until the end of the day, not to give me hugs when they see me in the hall, etc. They both agreed to this deal; Catherine said, "That's okay, because I won't need to hug you. I will be just so excited just to see you." Whenever you all think of me, be praying for me, though. I have a lot to learn, and I have a lot of responsibility with those children. I do look forward to starting, because I love all of the children at Walker already.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Today has been a day for the girls! After a lunch with Kyle to Jason's Deli (our current favorite!), neighborhood friends began coming over. It is now 7 pm & I just took this picture. I found them outside rolling down our hill in the front yard. They have had a ball all day, and I have been able to get all my garage sale pricing taken care of. I am so thankful for such great neighbors. They always get along so well, and they are making awesome memories! That is what I remember most about my childhood...playing with my neighborhood friends.

I also have to post a picture of my new haircut. I just got it cut on Wednesday. This is the 1st time ever my hair has been above my shoulders, and so far, I am really liking it! BTW...I donated 12" of my hair to Locks of Love.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

KYLE IS 40!!!!

I know it is hard to believe, but my husband turned 40 on Tuesday. I know you are wondering how he is fairing entering a new decade, but actually, he is doing pretty good. You would be doing well too if you had all your hair and looked as good as him! Of course, I am biased, but you have got to agree! BTW, he is going to be very embarassed when he reads this one. Anyway, I thought I might let you in on a few pics of his surprise party at the bowling alley. He had absolutely no idea what he was getting in to when he entered the bowling alley. Thank you to all who made this party perfect!


I guess it is time to update everone (especially you, Reba:)) on what has been going on in The McCann Clan recently. I actually have a few extra minutes to post a new blog, and I got Kyle's camera out of his car to have pictures also.

We went to Colorado to visit my family again this summer, and of course, the girls had a blast (me included). I even got to get away for a few days with my older sister & Mom to go to Telluride. We found TomKat's home set back in the aspens...absolutely beautiful...the aspens, that is! We could not see the actual house due to the security gate and the nosy neighbors.
Kyle, Caroline, Catherine & my dad went camping on my dad & mom's land. The girls love being adventurous, so they had a great time. They also are all about being cowgirls whenever they can get by with it.
I also posted a picture of my sister Angela's family. This is for all of my long time friends who have known Angela for as long as you have known me. I had to show off her beautiful little boys. Samuel is 4, Nate will be 3 in December, and Luke just turned 1. They are sweet, well-behaved boys. I will try to get a family pic of Rhonda's family next time.
All I know is summer went by way too fast. This, of course, means these girls are getting older by the minute...very depressing!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Little Update!!

We are back...we have just been staying a little busy. I am trying to take the girls to the pool as much as possible before school starts again.
We had a great time on our Florida trip. Kyle & I both agree that this was probably the best family trip we have taken. We had an awesome time! We hung out at the beach during the day and went to the revival at night. The girls were troopers, of course. We were usually at the revival from around 6 pm to 11 pm or later every night. We saw several miracles occur and we came back hungry for what the Lord has for us. I prayed for one specific healing in my body. Many of you probably already know that I had not had my period for the last 3 years without the help of birth control. I do not like being on birth control, so I decided just to take Provera (makes you start after 10 days) just to start every 3-6 months. I actually went a solid 1 1/2 years without having a period at all. It was time for me to take Provera last week, but I didn't want to start while I was in Colorado next week. I was just going to take it when I got back. However, a miracle occurred on Saturday morning. I started without any medication. Let me just tell you how excited I was. My body is healed, so I even came back with a miracle. The praise and worship every night was amazing. The time just flew by & the girls were praising the Lord along with everyone else. There has been a lot of criticism about this revival, but Kyle & I felt the presence of the Lord more than we ever have before. We know that this revival is from the Lord. They are constantly giving all the glory to the Lord. What was even extra special was that the girls were able to see the miracles of Jesus occur that we have only heard about in the Bible.
Now I am just going to attach a couple of pictures while in Florida. One is at Clearwater Beach and the other is at the Tampa Zoo.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, the title says it all! We are supposed to be heading to Hot Springs on Monday for a retreat on the houseboat for 5 days on Lake Oauchita, but Kyle is now in the process of cancelling those reservations. The Lord has shown us in many ways that He wants us to use this week to go to Lakeland, FL to visit The Florida Outpouring. I don't know if any of you have heard about this, but you can go to God.TV to watch live showings of the revival almost every night. There have been people resurrected from death, healings, and best of all, an overwhelming amount of God's Spirit poured out among the thousands of people that have visited and the millions who watch it over the internet. This is an international revival!!! People all over the world are going to the revival; but, His Spirit is being poured out over the internet to people's homes. Believe me, this has happened to us. The Lord has confirmed through many "divine appointments" that this is what He wants us to do. So, we will be picking up Caroline & Catherine tomorrow in Pine Bluff and then head straight to Florida. They have no idea yet. The Lord has shared several things with Kyle of what we are to do, so we are trying to follow in His footsteps. Please pray for our protection and I will be praying for you while you watch. Be ready to see us changed!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sending The Girls Off

The time has come for us to send our sweet little girls off to Grandparents while we sit at home. Bear in mind that we have done this before, but it was more of a necessity so Mom & Dad could go on a vacation. This time, though, we are still home.
Before they went on their merry way, we brought them to Silver Dollar City in Branson on Saturday. They have finally gotten to the age where they can ride the bigger roller coasters with us. We had the best time we have ever had this time. The biggest ride was PowderKeg. Go to this link to see the ride. The first time Caroline & Catherine rode PowderKeg, they were scared and not too sure about it. We also rode the WaterBoggin ride and got soaked from head to toe. Our shorts were still wet when we got home Saturday night. Before we left, Kyle & I wanted to ride Powderkeg again. The girls actually liked the ride better the second time. Going to Silver Dollar City before we had to give our girls away for a week was a great send-off.
Sunday after church we drove to Pine Bluff to meet Kyle's parents. They brought the girls down to Louisiana until Friday. I did not want them to go, but I did it for the grandparents. Summers are way too short and I like to spend every day with the girls. Sunday afternoon was hard for Kyle & me after dropping them off. The car was way too quiet. Monday was not that great either without them. Don't get me wrong. Kyle & I are having some good quality time together, but it is always nice to have Caroline & Catherine here to kiss good night & pray together. I may be better today. Sunday & Monday I couldn't think about them not being here too much or tears would start flowing. I am just looking forward to Friday!!!

BTW, I had taken lots of pictures of Silver Dollar City, Father's Day, and saying goodbye to Caroline & Catherine, but the SD card is now messed up. I cannot retreive the pictures. Any advice would be appreciated.